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  • Beauty in the Details

    The header dynamically appears on scroll, containing both the logo and dropdown menusRead More
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Subtle Features

Incredibly useful and functional features and extensions create a palette of possibilities for your content

FP Utility A

Fully Responsive and Mobile Minded

Chimera features a fully responsive layout and design built from the ground up to ensure perfect presentation of your content from the smallest mobile devices to the largest desktop displays.

Colorfully Stylish Presets

The perfect blend of whitespace and splashes of contrasting color create a smorgasbord of possibilities for giving your site the look and feel you are after.

Rich Typography and Iconic Elements

Chimera helps you say more with less, utilizing clean and subtle fonts that are easy to read with contrasting bold rich titles and icon elements to draw attention to the most important messages.

FP Utility B

Chimera's design is great on desktops...
...brilliant on tablets...
and perfect for mobile!